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Employer agrees to provide:
  • Shelter from Direct Sun and other Harsh weather
  • One armless chair
  • One electrical outlet (or please request battery power)
  • A non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the total.
  • Full payment of the total on or before the event date.

Terms: Important: It is extremely difficult to keep an acoustic guitar tuned in direct sunlight. Direct sun or rain can also seriously damage a fine instrument. Please be sure that your location will be shaded at the time of day your event will be held, or please request some form of shelter from your event coordinator or venue. Failure to provide these measures can result in cancellation. Your date is not reserved until your contract is received and your check or credit card payment clears the performer's bank. Changes in event time or location can significantly affect the pricing and contract. Please discuss any changes with me well in advance of your event. Special requests or additional rehearsal can cost extra in some cases. Rehearsal with other musicians such as singers is generally not included in your total unless previously agreed upon. By entering into this contract, the guitarist agrees to perform for the hours stated herein in a manner characteristic of his style. Overtime is subject to availability and the hourly rate will be determined by the performer. Please indicate a contact phone number which will be useful up until and on the day of the event. This contract requires a handwritten signature. Upon generating the contract, a fax number and mailing address will be provided on the next screen. Please fax or mail your contract with a check.

Equipment: Guitarist will arrive with his own equipment which includes a small, A/C powered amplifier. Battery power can be requested for outdoor events at no additional charge. Microphones and equipment for announcements add a $25 rental/set up fee. I do not have wireless or lapel style microphones for rent.